El Mercat - Den Haag

El Mercat it is not called El Mercat (Catalan for “the market”) without a reason, chef Guillermo cooks simple, with only fresh products that he gets from many different suppliers.

All meat is flown in from Uruguay, and meat importer Iberdeli provides the very best iberico ham. In addition, delicacies such as Pata negra, the Pulpo and the Secreto (the “secret” part of the Iberico pig)  a well-drained piece of meat from behind the animal’s shoulder, are served. The chef will gladly surprise you.

Chef and sommelier Guillermo also has a lot to offer in the area of wines. Always five white and five red wines open, but he also serves home-made sangria, vermouth and cocktails. On the wine list there are more than a hundred bottles, mainly from Spain, with at the back of the card his personal “crazy choice”. “The Israeli Viognier is really divine,” says both Guillermo and Michel. The two provide an appropriate suggestion of wines, for every dish, every course.

(Source: Den Haag Centraal – Thursday September 19th 2019)

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